Dangers at the Salad Bar…

Take a second and think about what you ate for lunch today…

Would you say it was it a healthy choice? Most diet mistakes people tend to make are the ones they are least aware of. What might be thought of as a healthy choice for lunch may in fact be worse for you then you think. Could hard earned hours at the gym be wasted away because of a poor diet? Yes! What and when you eat accounts for %80 of losing weight and only %20 is actually from exercise. So although a high intensity workout three- four times a week is bound to make you sweat like crazy… Getting healthy is all about making the right food choices on a daily basis and being aware of unexpected hidden calories.

A common area where people may be adding more fat and calories than expected is at the salad bar. Whether it’s at an all you can eat buffet or at the lunch cafeteria, it is easy to turn a healthy dish into one that’s just as bad as a Big Mac. If you often enjoy salads for lunch or dinner on a regular basis than you’ll definitely want to make a mental checklist of these three rules…

  1. Limit your dressing to about 1-2 tablespoons depending on the size of the salad and stick to clear dressings-not the white ones which are usually “mayo based”.
  2. Balance your toppings. Don’t over load your salad with one or two toppings create a balance and variety of different food groups.
  3. Add colour, texture, and flavour! Just because salads are considered healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. The more colourful your salad is, the more variety of vitamins you’ll be getting.

Toppings to Avoid:

-Shredded Cheese (stick to parmesan or cottage cheese instead)

-Bacon bits

-Chowmein noodles


-Nuts and seeds (stick to slithered almonds or sunflower seeds)

Healthy Tips:

*make your own dressing at home by mixing together some evo (extra virgin olive oil), apple cider vinegar or lemon juice,view details and pepper. You can also add in crushed garlic, chili flakes, and fresh herbs.

*Use dark leafy greens such as, baby spinach, kale, or romaine. Try to avoid iceberg lettuce which has next to no nutritional value for you.

Enjoy your next salad!

Brought to you by your Health Nut,



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