Sugar Rush

It’s a constant battle when it comes to eating healthy and avoiding sweets. Not to mention the temptations lurking around every corner trying to lure you in. I myself have a huge sweet tooth and am always trying to find out ways to satisfy those cravings without the calories and unhealthy sugars. It’s important to keep your sugar levels steady because it will decrease your chances of diabetes and keep your mood swings at bay. Most people don’t realize when they feel tired, stressed, or irritated that it is probably due to their unbalanced sugar levels.Luckily there is a helpful tool that can teach you how to avoid unhealthy sugar intake. Have you heard of the Glycemic Index before? Well, the gylcemic index (GI) is a chart that ranks carbs on a scale from 0-100 according to the effects on your blood sugar levels after digestion. This chart actually tells you the effect foods have on you and which foods will fluctuate your blood sugars more than others. Depending on whether a food is a high, medium, or low on the Glycemic Index you can choose the right foods and avoid the bad ones, thus stabilizing your insulin levels. Foods that are high on the GI aren’t necessarily ones that are high in carbs; it’s all about how the foods you eat react when they are digestion and whether they are digested slow or fast. By increasing the amount of insulin in your body you are triggering your body to also store excess body fat.

Benefits to eating a low GI diet:

-Feel fuller longer since low GI carbs slowly release glucose into the blood stream.

-control mood swings and stress throughout the day.

-More energy without the crash of caffeine or energy drinks.

– Reduce risks of diabetes and/or heart disease.

-Manage weight without the calorie counting, simply eat low GI foods.

What foods should I eat instead?

-Limit starchy vegetables like potatoes and stick to greens and coloured veggies.

-Put away that sugary cereal and have a bowl of oatmeal, barley or bran cereals.

-Eat flax, sourdough, or sprouted breads.

-Swap out the instant rice for brown basmati and quinoa.

*For more foods that have a low GI click here!

One of the best things you can do for your health and weight is to cut out the sugar drinks. Many desserts are disguised as drinks such as a 20 oz vitamin water (33g of sugar), 12 oz can of Coca-Cola (39g of sugar), 8 oz of Tropicana orange juice ( 25g of sugar), and a grande (16 oz) Starbucks caffe vanilla, frappuccino (58g of sugar). Stick to beverages such as water, herbal tea, and coconut water instead. So next time you’re feeling that craving for sweets just keep in mind the affects that brownie will have on your body and mood and go for something lower in the glycemic index instead. Try this for one week and you’ll be surprised on how less tired and stressed you feel from Monday to Friday.

Healthy foods to curve those sugar cravings:

  • Medjool dates (These are medium on the GI so eat with nuts or seeds to balance it out)
  • Cinnamon (Sprinkle some over your hot cereal, smoothie or even stir fry)
  • Raw cocoa (make real chocolate milk, or make raw desserts)
  • Natural Peanut butter (serve with slices of apples for a tasty snack on the go)
  • Honey (add some in your tea or coffee for a touch of sweetness)

Your Health Nut,



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