Frozen? Yes, Please!

It’s hard to eat healthy and get enough fruits and vegetable on a daily basis when things ripen to quick and go bad before you’re even able to eat them. Not to mention the high price point on fresh produce at grocery stores. So how do you get variety and freshness while saving a buck or two? You buy frozen… and don’t worry, this does not mean sacrificing freshness or nutrients what so ever.

In fact, frozen fruits and veggies are flash frozen at their peak ripeness storing all those vitamins and minerals. When fresh fruits and veggies are shipped to be sold at your local grocery stores, they are picked way before they are ripe – so that they will last through the long journey from farm to store, without spoiling.

By buying a large portion of produce frozen, you’ll be able to add delicious berries to your smoothies, parfaits and even salads. Most frozen produce are ready to go, this means no washing, peeling, or chopping. You can save your fresh fruits and veggies for when you just want a crunchy raw snack or to top onto a cold cereal. The only thing you’re really compromising when buying frozen is the foods structure, so if you’re going to blend, mash or cook it anyways go for frozen.

Even though I usually just cook for 1, I’m a huge Costco lover. Buying frozen means I can still find use for a bulk food store and save money. I suggest buying veggies, fruit, chicken and seafood from Costco or other bulk food stores on a monthly basis. Shop smart and you’ll see your monthly food bill drop and still be able to get your daily 6-7 servings of fruits and veggies… no excuses!

A basic rule to stick to is when fruits and veggies are in season, buy them fresh, and when they’re not buy them frozen. This way you’ll always have a wide variety of food right at your finger tips… well at least at your fridge or freezer.

How to cook with frozen foods?

Some vitamins like C and B are water-soluble so you don’t want to cook them out by boiling them in a pot of water. Instead, steam or stir fry them to hold in as much nutrients as possible. For fruit, you can add them to a yogurt parfait in the morning and by afternoon they will be defrosted and ready to eat. You can also enjoy them right away by blending them up in a smoothie, frozen is actually better for smoothie texture and keeps them cooler longer. Don’t forget there’s so many ways to incorporate frozen foods into your meals, whether it’s baking, cooking, blending, or de-thawing for toppers.


– When you’re craving a sweet treat but don’t want the extra calories eat frozen mango or peaches as a dessert, trust me it’s delicious and curves those ice cream cravings.

-Having a wine and cheese party? Don’t forget the frozen grapes! Wash and freeze your grapes at peak ripeness and they are a great addition to any meal or just simply enjoy as an afternoon snack. They have a slushy-like texture and are very refreshing during the hot summer months.


Just remember to check for added preservatives like syrup, butter, or/and salt when buying frozen. Be sure that if you’re buying frozen peas the only ingredient on the list are peas. This is why buying frozen dinners is a huge mistake, yes you’ll save time, but you’ll be sacrificing your health. Instead try making your own frozen meal packages to take for lunch or when you don’t feel like cooking.

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