Healthy Sushi

Just like many others I am a huge sushi fan, and yes I can scarf down a couple rolls in just one sitting… Yikes! The worst are those all you can eat sushi places where you stuff yourself until you reach the point of no return. But who’s to worry? Sushi is low fat and healthy for you, right? … Think again- an average roll of sushi can have anywhere between 140-508 calories!! But not to fear, there are actually more options now to turn one of your favourite treats healthy!

Today’s sushi restaurants are offering more options for customizing your rolls however you prefer to enjoy them. I’ve listed a few healthy pointers for you to think about next time you’re ordering off a sushi menu:


  • Say no to tempera (aka- fried) rolls
  • Avoid miso and opt for low-sodium soy sauce
  • Choose healthy sides like seaweed, edamame, and steamed dumplings (not fried)
  • Switch up that white rice for brown instead
  • Limit your portions and don’t over eat till you’re stuffed


Here’s a breakdown of some of the more popular rolls and their calories:

*High calorie and fat content- Beware!

Type of Sushi Roll Calories Fat/gram
California Roll 140 5.7
Avocado Roll 255 7.0
Cucumber Roll 136 0.0
Spicy Tuna Roll 290 11.0
*Shrimp Tempura Roll 508 21.0
Salmon Avocado Roll 304 8.7
Tuna Roll 184 2.0
Eel Avocado Roll 372 17.0

For a more complete breakdown of the calories and nutritional information on sushi click here!

My suggestion is that if you’re going to delight in Japanese cuisines eat the authentic rolls and skip the spicy mayo and tempera toppings. When it comes to Sushi use the KISS rule, Keep It Simple… Sillyand choose the raw or smoked fish on brown rice, or in a cucumber roll with some avocado (which contains healthy fats like omega 3′s). Avoid dipping into high calorie sauces and fill up on those steamed side dishes and you’ll be able to enjoy those sushi lunches more often without a side of guilt for dessert.

Happy sushi eating!

Your Health Nut,



2 thoughts on “Healthy Sushi

  1. Nice work, Nikky.

    As someone who has a lighting fast metabolic rate, and therefore needs to eat probably twice as many calories daily as many others, I still think it’s important to know the difference between healthy fats to promote mass gain and harmful ones.

    Talk soon xo

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