Trick OR Treat


You may be getting too old to go door to door asking for lollipops and caramel corn but you’re never too old to make healthy choices. Even better you can just go buy your own and chose the lower sugar and lower fat versions! If you’re throwing a party or simply just having some treats to snack on for you and your family you’ll want to keep reading!


Here are some not so spooky health tips:



-Choose mini bars so you can portion it out

-Avoid sticky candy that sticks in your molars (this will prevent cavities)

-Eat dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate bars

-Limit yourself to 2 candies a day


*Remember every 100 calories of treats you eat you’ll have to do one of these to burn it off…

-20 minute bike ride

-10 minutes of skipping

-15-20 min of circuit training

-Run a mile

Ask yourself…Is it really worth it?

But if you’re going to indulge opt for these instead!

Treat Calories Fat
10 gummy bears 87 0g
1 mini Kit Kat bar 24 1 g
3 mini Tootsie rolls 70 1.5g
10 pieces of candy corn 64 0g
3 Hersey’s Kisses 67 4g
1 York Peppermint Pattie 140 2.5g
28 Twizzler Nibs 140 0g

*My personal favourite which is not in the chart are M&M’s Fun size pouches. You can buy them with peanuts and they even have a dark chocolate option so not only are you getting some protein but you’re also getting some antioxidants. At only 90 cal, 5 g fat, and 9 g sugar per pouch and they taste delicious they are definitely my pick of choice!

It even looks like companies such as HERSHEY’S are becoming more health cautious as more and more people are asking about ingredients and calories. Check out their Nutrition & Wellness section on their website where you can search any product and find ones that suit your nutritional needs/preferences.

Send me some of your favourite Halloween Treats or ways to avoid the sugar all together; I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Halloween from your Health Nut,



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