Sweet Tooth

Are you a sweet or savory type of person? Do you find yourself adding more and more sugar to get the sweetness you desire? Or are you constantly reaching for the substitute sugars to obtain a calorie free option? Whichever category you fall into, keep in mind that there isn’t much difference between white and raw sugar. Plus, those calorie free options could be doing more harm than good.There are a few different categories of sugars, some being healthier than others, but here are a few of the more commonly used ones.

Darker sugars

They may seem healthier because they look more natural and raw but in reality it is just unbleached, crystallized or molasses added white sugar. These sugars contain about 48-52 cal a tbs, which is actually higher than regular table sugar at 45 cal a tbs.

Syrup sugars

Honey and agave are very sweet and can provide a better alternative to table sugar because they don’t raise levels of sugar in the blood stream. They provide more nutrients and benefits besides just sweetening your food/drinks. Be careful though, Agave syrup and nectar are completely different! AgaveSyrup is falsely advertised as a “natural” product but it is actually highly processed and the end product is far from natural. Stick to Agave Nectar which is similar to maple syrup. Sap is extracted from the Agave plant then filtered and heated at a low temperature to turn into a sugar. It is considered a natural or “raw” because no chemicals are added in the process. Best part of the Agave Nectar, is that it is a low GI food and does not raise blood sugars levels.

The substitutes

Sweeteners, such as Sweet n Low and Splenda, are often used diabetics and dieters who are looking for a calorie free option. However, there is a lot of controversy about sweetener leading to headaches and/or migraines and the chemical process itself is worrying. It is also believed that consuming sweetener does not actually satisfy the sugar cravings, and will make you crave sweets even more. There is a substitute known as Stevia which is said to be an actual natural sweetener and does not raise levels of sugar in the blood stream. It comes in all forms from the dried leaf itself to a liquid extract. Truvia sells a wide variety of Stevia products and do not add in sugar as a filler. Brought to you by your Health Nut,

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