~Holiday Food Ideas~

Holidays should be a time to have some fun and experiment with foods and presentation. Make healthier options more appealing by jazzing them up a little! Here are just a few fun projects I worked on for my sister’s bridal shower but they could be tweaqued and used for any occasion. Just remember you don’t need to sacrifice your favorite types of food you just need to modify them and substitute ingredients and preparation. Fiber, fruit and vegetables can be added into your holiday appetizers as opposed to fried, sugar loaded and fat infused alternatives. Lets keep you and your waistline happy this season by trying out some of these recipe ideas!

Here I have mini tuna and egg salad sandwiches on a variety of breads. For a healthier option try using plain yogurt or light sour cream instead of mayonnaise for the filling. As for bread you can use dark eye, flax, chia, and even ezekiel instead of the traditional wonder bread (aka: white sugar).


Whats more fun to make than homemade sushi. First off its a whole lot less expensive and second its a better option than those fried appetizers that can carry loads of calories in just one bite… yikes! Instead buy yourself a bamboo rolling mat for just a dollar at any grocery store or Asian supermarket. The best part is you can add any toppings you want from crab to yellow peppers, its really up to you and your taste buds. You can switch up the white rice with brown for healthy carb option.

Now this one may look familiar  to some creations other company’s charge a lot of money to make. This is a fun project to make on your own and will save you the most bucks! All you have to do is buy your fruit in bulk and use half a watermelon shell to use as the base and skewer your fruit sticks into. You can use what ever fruit you want that’s in season and even search a yogurt dip on the side.

This Christmas I have some new recipes I want to try out such as “stuffed dates” and “cake  pops”. As always I will focus on healthier versions especially for the cake pops since they can be high in sugar and calories. I will be sure to post these ones as well!

Happy Holidays,

Health Nut




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