Low Calorie Delights

It’s that time of year again! When you’ve just spent the last week indulging in the most decedent foods and pastries and now your forcing back carrots and hummus. Starting a fresh year and eating clean is a great feeling, but it can also be a challenge to get into after the holidays.

If cutting out the sweets this year is your plan of action then listen up! No need to worry because I have plenty of easy low calorie sweet treat ideas for you to try.

Top 5 low calorie desserts:

1. Sugar free JELLO pudding cups
    -Starting at just 60 calories, a cup of this is great for after lunch or a late night craving. There are plenty of flavours to choose from and for a fun snack try dipping some strawberries in them too.

2. Fruit crumble
    – try out this recipe with berries, apple, pear, etc. It’s a great dessert for when your craving some warm apple crumble or pie but don’t want the extra serving of butter and sugar that come with it.

3. Peanut butter coffee smoothie
    -Coffee drinker? Try out this amazing cold drink with some hidden veggies you won’t even notice. It’s a great alternative than a high calorie frappachino from Starbucks. The peanut butter and protein powder will keep you feeling full throughout the afternoon and keep you away from the snacks!

4. Greek yogurt with honey and berries
    -If you’re a cheesecake lover than this might be the one for you! The thick consistency of the Greek yogurt will satisfy that craving without the guilt. Try adding some honey and berries for some flavour and texture. You can even drizzle some melted dark chocolate on top as an alternative.

5. Trail mix with chocolate
    -If you enjoy a good crunch then you may want to wipe up some sweet trail mix. All you need is just a high fibre cereal with some broken up dark chocolate and dried fruit for a sweet version of your traditional savory mix.

These quick and easy dessert recipes will help curve your sweet tooth cravings. Just remember to not rely on artificial sweeteners as a low calorie option, because they can make cravings worse. Your body thinks it’s about to eat something sweet, but then realizes you’ve tricked it and now wants to satisfy that craving even more. Try to slowly cut out the sugar and substitute sweets with real foods instead of processed ones.

Good luck with all the new years resolutions and happy snacking!

Your Health Nut,





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