Healthy on a Budget

Buying organic, non-fat, low-sodium, gluten-free, etc, etc, etc, can become a costly grocery list at the end of the week. Plus, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the healthy marketing claims on products and sometimes the nutritional benefit just isn’t worth the price tag.

Here are helpful ways for you to avoid this expensive trap!

· Stay away from prepackaged 100 calorie snacks.

Not only are they usually unhealthy, since they are usually foods like cookies, crackers, or chocolate bars, but they are providing you with less product for a higher price tag. When you buy precut or prepackaged foods, you are paying for convenience and not health. If you must indulge and portion control is a concern, then purchase a few snack size Ziploc baggies. Then portion your own snack size servings, use the nutritional information on the product package to help. Another common trap is health claims like, low in fat, sodium or sugar. Just because it’s reduced from the original product does not mean it’s healthy!

In some cases when flavor, like sugar, is taken away, it is added in different ways, like fat. Be sure to read labels and understand what you’re buying and if you’re actually buying healthy foods or just expensive junk food! If you enjoy foods like beans, legumes and nuts then you should know that many canned foods you buy contain BPA in the lining and can seep into your foods. Although buying organic canned food can become a pricey habit. Your best bet is to buy bulk sized dried beans, soak them, then boil and freeze them for storage. And presto! You’ll have beans on hand for whatever meal and it I’ll cost you a fraction of the price while staying on track!

Tips to stay on budget

– Visit farmers markets

– Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season

– Buy whole foods and just wash and cut them yourself

– Avoid processed, branded “diet foods” or portion sized foods

– Check out my organics article on which foods are worth the organic price tag

– Buy your dry foods in bulk

– Do not eat out; cook your own food instead

The bottom line is: buy clean, whole foods, instead of packaged, branded health foods and you’ll stay within budget. Buying healthy foods does not need to be complicated or break the bank. When you eat fresh, wholesome foods you may spend a bit more, but you’ll be fuller longer, so in the end it really evens out!

Happy healthy eating!

Your Health Nut,



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