The Scoop on Protein Powders

Probably one of the most consumed fitness supplements is Whey Protein powder, but for what reason exactly? Are people actually trying to consume more protein to build more muscle? In my opinion many people who take a protein powder supplement may not even know why they are taking it, if not just because it is highly commercialized as a ‘fitness’ product.It’s important to really understand what vitamins and supplements you are taking and what benefits you are trying to get out of them.

Protein shakes and bars

If you are consuming meal replacement bars and shakes instead of real whole foods, you’re not going to be getting the right nutrients your body needs. Many protein bars are actually very high in sugar and fats to keep you full longer and taste buds happy. But are they really helping to keep your tummy flat and muscles bulk?

How much protein do you need?

On average you should be consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound of weight. The reason many body builders consume a lot of protein powder is simply because they weigh more and therefore need to pack on the extra calories and protein all one day. Whey protein is a quick and easy way to do just that!

Our body can only absorb so much protein, so if you’re already eating a balanced wholesome diet than chances are, those bars and shakes are really just expensive calories.

How can protein powders benefit my diet?

Although I don’t think it’s necessary to consume protein powder on a regular basis especially if they’re not working out consistently. I do think it’s a handy ingredient to have on hand when needed. Adding a scoop to a fruit smoothie or your morning oatmeal/pancakes is a quick way to insure you have added protein into your meal. It’s also great for a post workout recovery snack when you need a quick releasing source of protein and carbs to refuel your stores. I personally like to add a scoop into my morning shake to keep me feeling full longer.

Tips to buying the right protein powder

– stick to an isolate

– look for ones sweetened with stevia as oppose to glucose or artificial ones

– vegan? Try a hemp protein option

– test out different flavors by buying the sample size portions first

*Health Nut’s favourite- Sun Warrior protein powder.

Hope this helped clear a few things up! Protein powder can be a great addition to your diet in the right doses and make consuming protein more convenient when you’re on the go.

Have fun shaking up those shakes after a sweaty workout!

Your Health Nut,



12 thoughts on “The Scoop on Protein Powders

  1. Love the post! Totally agree. Most people get brainwashed through magazines, websites, and fitness models telling us this “brand new” magic pill/protein is the best. Claims of increasing strength, gain/lose weight, and better/faster recovery, only to find out, it’s not. But guess who got you to act, these companies. And it’s important to do research and always question their claims. Who wouldn’t want to know what they’re putting into their bodies? It just shows people are more worried about how they want to look and finding any means possible to have a leg up, advantage, or supplement to cure all. I hope to hear more from you and your healthy tips!

    • Hey jhealthyfit!
      Glad you agree:) when it comes to your health and diet you want to know what is actually in these so called “healthy” foods. Buyers often see those fancy health claims marked across the front of a box and think it is a healthier choice. But if your unsure your best bet is to just buy items with the least amount of ingredients and words that you can actually pronounce. What’s your favorite protein powder that you like to use?…If you even use one in your diet.

      • Yes. That’s a habit I’ve been practicing for quite a while now. And agreed, for the beginners, if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, then it’s not good for you, so avoid it! I’ve been using Optimum Nutrition whey protein pretty consistently. I’d like to switch over to a more natural, organic type, such as NOW Foods whey protein. And it’s mainly used as a post workout shake. What about you?

  2. Great Article. I admit I am guilty of using protein powders a lot. What do you think about people who maybe aren”t bodybuilders but work out more then the average person??
    I will try adding a scoop the next time I make pancakes sounds delicious

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