Indulge this Easter without the Guilt

Have you ever felt guilty or mocked at for your love of chocolates? I’m sure you’ve seen chocolate as a tool to energize you on a very busy day. Well, let’s see who’s laughing now! You see, chocolate is not as bad as it seems. Starting today, you can erase your notion that the only thing you can gain from chocolate is weight. As a matter of fact, you – and many other chocolate lovers – will be surprised at how much chocolate can contribute to your nutrition.

Dark Chocolate: A Smarter Choice

To get us all in the right page, I want to emphasize the fact that just like other food products, chocolates are healthiest in its purest form. So if you are thinking about munching on those processed chocolate bars that you pick up from convenience stores, you might get disappointed. I am talking real chocolate which is made of at least 75% cocoa. The higher the cocoa content, the healthier it is. This basically implies that the sweetness of the chocolate won’t come from sugar, vanilla, milk and other fattening artificial sweeteners.

What is with the cocoa content anyway? Cocoa beans go through a very traditional process – fermentation and drying. This indicates that its natural contents are preserved. Thus, you should eat more of dark chocolates if you want to get the most benefits out of your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Can Make You Sexy!

I know you have all heard of anti – oxidants. I’m sure you’ve heard that black coffee, green tea and berries are at the top of the list. Dark chocolate can totally wipe them off the list. The concept of anti-oxidants is similar to clean eating. It clears your body of free radicals or toxins that can create adverse and long term effects to your health (ex: aging). About 100 grams of dark chocolate contains around 13, 100 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Units or ORACs. As compared to blueberries which contain only 2,400 ORACs. Antioxidants are a wonderful addition to your diet. It will aid in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more!

That being said, dark chocolate can assist you in reaching your dreams of being able to wear a bikini. Yes, something as good as chocolate can help you lose weight. One of the culprits in the way of keeping your figure toned is the toxin content of your body. The toxins in your body are stored in fat or adipose tissues. By eating a diet rich in antioxidants, you’ll be able to let go of some of some stubborn fatty tissues and lose the weight faster. Losing weight will actually be enjoyable!

Your Daily Recommended Intake of Chocolate

Don’t get all too excited because like everything in this world, too much of something is bad. You should not exceed your daily consumption of chocolate by 90 grams. 40 grams is a good rate. To help you slow down on eating, incorporate chocolate or cocoa into your daily meals and treats by preparing them by yourself. Grate it or melt it so you can enjoy it longer.

Make Your Own Choco Treats

Cocoa nibs are naturally crunchy but still tender. Cocoa nibs are the byproduct of fermented and dried cocoa. Nibs are 20% protein, 40% carbs and 40% healthy fats. You can try baking with them by adding them into muffins, cakes, cookies, or even into many raw desserts. However, for a more unconventional method, try looking at cocoa nibs as savory treat rather than sweet. There are many organic, raw salads that are easy to make. Adding cocoa nibs to your usual goat cheese or tagine will give it a more amazing and satisfying taste.

You’re ready to shop smart now when walking through that sweets isle at the grocery store. But remember to check those labels and look for how much cocoa is actually in the dark chocolate before you buy.  Get the most out of one of the finest foods there is. Chocolates can be your best friend or worst enemy if you’re not careful. But for now on, you don’t need to feel so guilty indulging in this tasteful treat!

Your Health Nut,



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