Haven’t You Heard? Coffee’s out and Green Tea is in!

One of the hardest things to do is to cut down on anything which gives you pleasure. And coffee is definitely one of those things that do just that! It stimulates our minds for more productivity, creativity, and activity. So why would anybody in the world want to stop drinking one of the most popular beverages in history?

Well, for all its reputation, it has been proven that coffee stimulates one to think more actively. It has also been confirmed that coffee contains agents which have antioxidant properties to slow down cell damage. Coffee drinkers will be happy to know that it helps prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Why avoid it, you may ask?

Even though coffee provides us with some benefits, it has an equal amount or more of negative effects on our body. At first thought it may seem unrealistic to give up that first cup of morning delight even if it means sacrificing your health. However, green tea and coffee may have more in common then you think and tea can be just as enjoyable. You may or may not know this, but most green teas actually contain caffeine, but just in a lower dose without the negative side effects to follow.

My Experience

I know for myself it was all about having a hot beverage in the morning. So what did I do you ask? I slowly started drinking black teas which still contain caffeine and once you add your (almond) milk and (natural) sugar it’s very similar to coffee. I then would make sure that after lunch I drank only herbal or green tea if I needed an extra kick.

If you really want to push the bar you can also try just plain hot water and maybe a slice of lemon to give it that zing. Sounds crazy I know, to just drink hot water but it’s actually very therapeutic and satisfies that need for a hot drink.

Take it Slow.

The first step in kicking the habit of caffeine is to take it slow. No one expects you to make the switch cold turkey. Like everything you want to quit, you must quit gradually. This way, you avoid withdrawal syndromes and have a better chance at succeeding.

For example, if you drink an average of 3 cups of coffee a day, gradually decrease the amount by one cup per week; then increase the amount of green tea by one cup per week, until you get the hang of it. You’ll notice that drinking green tea makes you feel more relaxed, that’s because your body is more hydrated.

You might not like the taste of green tea at first but you can tweak it by adding a bit of honey or lemon. If you have a sweet tooth, honey will more than compensate for the flavor. Sooner or later you’ll be loving green tea!

The fact of the matter is that habits are formed when repeatedly done. By cutting out coffee for tea, you help yourself cleanse not only the body, but the soul.

Your Healthnut

~Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Let me know what you do to avoid caffeine overload~


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