Are You in a Workout Rut? Here are Five Motivation Tips to Get You Out!

Is your workout routine in a rut? It often happens to everyone at one point or another. Your first thought may be that its not your fault, you’ve had a few busy weeks and you didn’t have the time in your schedule. Whatever the excuse you chose to give yourself the point of the matter is you’ve fallen int a rut and you need to pull yourself out of it as quickly as possible. I’m talking about those days, weeks, or months, when you fall out of your fitness/healthy eating routine and you can’t seem to get the motivation to get back on track.

Like many others sometimes even I lose the motivation to keep up with a continuous healthy and active lifestyle. Currently I am traveling through Australia and when your on the road a lot and your schedule is changing everyday it’s definitely a challenge. I often talk about eating healthy foods and staying fit on a budget, which I can honestly say applies to my current situation.  If you haven’t heard already Australia is quite expensive, especially if your looking to eat organic, or gluten free. Although for all those Vegetarians out there you’ll be happy to know you’ll save a lot of money here because meat is very expensive, especially free range, organic meat.

So whether your issue is no time,your traveling, etc. you need to figure out a plan of action to get you motivated and back on track. The best thing to do is to start fresh and not to give up on a day or week just because you missed one boot camp class or ate that rich chocolate cake for dessert. It happens to the best of us and if you don’t let it ruin your progress then your in the clear.

For those times where I need a motivating boost to push me in the right direction and remind myself how much better i will look and feel when I eat clean and workout, i often turn to these outlets:

Top 5 motivational outlets

1. Online health and fitness blogs.

I’d have to say this is my favourite way to motivate myself. I always follow health blogs to give me new workout ideas, recipes, reviews on products,etc. Check out some of my favourite blogs at the moment:

2. Fitness classes.

These are great because you will always push yourself harder when someone else is telling you, as opposed to yourself stopping after only 5 pushups. A lot of it is mental and sometimes you need a personal trainer or a friend to help you push yourself to your next fitness level. Try out a spin class to really get your heart pumping!

3. Visit your local health foods store.

If your a Healthnut like me you could spend hours learning about new healthy products in the market and why not get a free explanation from a knowledgable salesperson while your at it. You can usually get free samples to take home and brochures/ magazines to read while your running on the treadmill.

4. Set goals and reward yourself.

It’s important when setting goals that you also give yourself rewards to keep you motivated. You can start with something as simple as “complete 20 proper pushups” or “run for 5km”. Your goals should be suited to your fitness level and be challenging enough that you’ll need to stick to your workout schedule in order to achieve them. Once a goal has been checked off your list you can reward yourself with a healthy treat like a therapeutic massage, or those shoes that you’ve been eyeing.

5. Create a vision board.

I believe that if you see your goals visually then you’ll be more likely to achieve them. My favorite way to do this is to create a vision board. A vision board is a collection of words, images, etc. of things that inspire you and remind yourself of your end goals. I’ve currently discovered a site called Pinterest, where you can clip images, articles,etc. from anywhere on the web and display them as “pins” on boards in different categories.  It’s a great way to place all your favorite things and findings online for you to view or share with friends right at your figure tips! Best part is you can access it on your phone, at work or home and you won’t lose place of it.

For any struggling Healthnut’s out there I hope these tips motivate and remind yourself about how strong and positive you feel when you live a healthy lifestyle. So whatever your reason was for falling off track forget about it and start a clean slate today!

Your Healthnut


5 thoughts on “Are You in a Workout Rut? Here are Five Motivation Tips to Get You Out!

  1. I am always amazed how many more push-ups I can do in a TaeKwonDo class than I can at home. That is also why I like Jillian Michael’s videos. She is less sweet and nice and gets me going.

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