Blog of the Week #1~ HIIT Fitness

For this week’s BLOG OF THE WEEK I am featuring a site as apose to a “blog” becuase It’s one personally designed and created by a close friend and workout partner of mine “Tara King”. She is a hard driven entrepeneur who is very passionate about being fit and working hard to get the results. She is the real deal when it comes to sculpting and ripping your muscles into shape! Wether its her yoga, bootcamp or kickboxing classes (just to name a few) you will deffinitly feel the burn and get your moneys worth. Tara’s classes our focused on High Intensity Interval Training which burns the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. I’ve had the priveledge of attending various classes of hers and I was very impressed with how strong I felt afterwards. She is currently based out of Toronto although for any workout buffs out West(in Canada) she may be headed your way in the near future! For anoyone looking to sweat their buns off in a short period of time you should deffintly sign up for one of Tara’s classes as their short but intensive so you’ll be able to “Get In. Get Out. Get Fit. FAST!” as Tara likes to put it.

Sign up here for a class today you won’t be disappointed!

Like Tara’s Facebook page for Updates!

Add Tara on Twitter @HIITFitness



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