Blog of the Week #2

I’ve always loved yoga and what it has to offer but lately I’ve been really into it and thought what better way to express this than to showcase a blog on Yoga itself. This week’s featured blog is Daily Cup of Yoga. Not only did I find the name very catchy and inviting, the content is well laid out and easy to find what your looking for. It has everything from yoga apps, clothing to popular videos and books.

What really drew me in was their blog post on yoga poses to do while on a long flight. I’ve recently have flown to Australia and back and will be flying out again in October so this article really related to me. I remember getting up throughout my flight to stretch my legs out and do some simple body stretches. So when I came across this article it gave me some great ideas that I will definitely do on my next long flight.

I’m also a very stressful flyer mostly because I don’t like small spaces so doing yoga on the plane will hopefully help take off some of that tension i experience and prevent the muscle aches I get after my flight. Click here to read is the article.

So whether your a beginner or intermediate yogi, stop by “Daily Cup of Yoga” for some great “tips, tools, and wisdom on yoga, books, and technology.”

Happy Reading!

Your Healthnut


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