Cut Sodium from your Diet Now!

Regardless of your age, reducing sodium (SALT) from your diet is a key factor in regards to your health, hydration, weight, blood pressure,etc. I always notice that people are more concerned about how much fat or sugar a product has and forget to check the sodium percentage. I’ve talked about it before about how labels can trick you into thinking they are a healthier choice when in fact they are not. When a label states that the product is low in fat or sugar, most likely it will be high in sodium. This is because they have to add the “taste” in somehow and if their product doesn’t taste good no one will buy it.. right? Whats a better and cheaper way then to simply increase the salt content in the product. Not only will it taste “better” but it’s cheap and it’s a great preservative. Cutting the salt won’t mean you yourself will lose the taste from foods, although it may take a few days of adjustment. I promise once you lower salt from your diet your taste buds will adapt really quickly and before you know it you’ll be finding those canned Campbell soups and pasta sauces super salty. You will eventually train your taste buds to recognize when there is too much salt in a dish and help you too avoid it.


Reasons to lower your daily sodium intake:

-makes you retain water and feel bloated.. not so fun

-raises your blood pressure

-can cause swelling

Avoiding salt in your diet can be extremely challenging at times. You’ll quickly realize how many of the products you love are overloaded with sodium! As someone who pays close attention to food labels, I find myself always surprised when I find out companies I use to think were healthy have high amounts of sodium.

SALT Free Foods: (Be sure to check the label, not all brands are salt free you need to compare)

Books and References:

The Dash Diet book 

“by Marla Heller

Grand Central Publishing | September 12, 2011 | Hardcover

The complete guide to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol-without medication-through a proven diet, exercise, and weight lossprogram Finally, the #1 ranked DASH diet is popularized and user-friendly. ”

Have a happy low sodium day:)
Your Healtnut

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