Learn to Be Caffeine Free

For the month of August I completely took out any form of caffeine from my diet. I’ve always been a moderate coffee drinker but always found myself tired and sluggish in the morning until I had my cup of Joe. In the last year I’ve slowly gone on and off drinking coffee and had switched to black and green teas for the most part. After travelling for 8 months in Australia and being back in Canada, I decided to completely remove the caffeine from my daily routine. My goal has always been to be able to wake up in a good mood, feeling energetic without the use of caffeine. Even when I did drink coffee on a regular basis I still found myself tired throughout the morning and even worse getting the afternoon blues.

My biggest concern was giving up the taste of good coffee and having to substitute it for something less enjoyable to drink in the morning. Well do I have great news for all you Healthnuts! Since my decision to erase caffeine from my diet I have discovered a whole range of delicious teas and coffee to satisfy my cravings. I can honestly say that after a month of zero caffeine that I wake up easier, more refreshed and well rested. I am able to enjoy my mornings without struggling just to open my eyes. The best part is I can’t remember the last time I felt so tired in the evening that I felt like I needed a nap. And when I say I took out any caffeine I should also point out that I also removed any natural stimulants as well such as ginseng, green tea, etc. I’m not saying green teas like Matcha are bad for you, but I did want to test my body to see if I could go without any help from stimulants.

What I’ve been drinking:

Kicking Horse Organic Decaf Coffee

-Most amazingly smooth, rich flavoured decaf coffee I’ve had. I only introduced this into my caffeine free diet mid month, but it’s been a god send. I make a cup every morning in my french press which allows the oils of the coffee to seep into your cup and not end up in a paper filter. Not only is the taste smoother and flavourful, but it contains more antioxidants when you get the oils from the beans as well.

STASH Decaf Vanilla Chai Tea

-Another amazing discovery in last month was this decaf Chai tea. I had been looking for a  Chai tea that was caffeine free for a while, so when I found STASH’s vanilla chai tea I just had to give it a try! Well let me tell you it was a good choice! I absolutely love this tea for a dessert like treat:) I enjoy making myself Chai almond milk lattes, sweetened with some raw agave nectar at night before bed or as an afternoon delight.


-Although not all TAZO teas are caffeine free, they do have a few good herbal options like the Calm and Passion. They are flavourful and great to enjoy either hot or cold. Although they may cost you $2/cup at Starbucks or $7 and up for a box at Whole Foods, you can pick up a box for around $4 at your local Walmart:) I drink these all day long to hydrate and relax me when I feel stressed, especially the Calm one which really does help “calm” me down.

I hope you enjoy some of my favourites last month that have helped me kick caffeine out of my life and introduced some amazing new alternatives that I promise are just as satisfying. I would definitely encourage you to purchase a french press of your own to really enjoy the full benefits that freshly ground (decaf) coffee has to offer. I bought mine from IKEA which was very inexpensive but you can definitely spend a lot more on a good quality one if you prefer.

Please let me know in the comments below, your favourite caffeine free beverages and how you like to enjoy them:)

Your Healthnut ❤


4 thoughts on “Learn to Be Caffeine Free

  1. I’m working at it, but boy caffeine is a toughie. I’ve given it up before, and then I’ll slide back in and have a million reasons I can’t give it up right now…. I’m currently weaning myself off. I’m down to one cup of coffee in the a.m. and a mug of green tea in the afternoon. This is a huge improvement over the multi-cup scene. One step at a time.

    • Honestly that’s how I started as well. I limited myself to a cup in the morning then if I needed a boost I would drink green tea. Then I switched from coffee to black teas like earl gray, english breakfast and my favourite… Awake by TAZO 🙂 I’ve also been on top of taking a really good RAW multi-vitamin and fish oils which I think help to boost my energy as well. Let me know if you try the Vanilla Chai decaf tea as a latte it’s delish!!

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