Motivation Monday!


Staying active and living a healthy life requires dedication, and A LOT of motivation! It seems like this important aspect in life is easily forgotten eve when we need it the most. Those days where we make excuses to skip the gym because were to “busy” or we eat the wrong things that keep us from reaching our goals. It can be hard and exhausting relying on just your mind to motivate your body when you’ve had a long day and your mentally drained.

This is exactly why everyone needs a motivational VISION BOARD to help you stay on track, motivated and fit! On of my favourite ways to create my owns vision boards is to use a site called PINTEREST

Click on the image below to view my very own Pinterest boards that help keep me motivated and inspired. I like that I can access it even on the go wit h my Pinterest App!

I’ve talked about this site before but I wanted it featured on Motivate Monday’s because I think it’s an increasingly popular site for god reason. I am able to use the web as my catalog to grab images, quotes, videos,etc. into different categories and organize them how ever I desire. This is great for those days where I need an extra boost of motivation or if I’m looking for a great recipe, workout, protein shake,etc. When you can physically see what it is your aiming for your more likely to succeed then if you just leave it up to your mind. Visual aids are a must when it comes to your goals and dreams. They help remind yourself why your waking up at 6am to run before work or why you decided on oatmeal for breakfast instead of a croissant.The possibilities are endless and you can share with your friends and find out what their up to on their vision boards as well:)

Send me a screen shot and link to your own Pinterest Boards and I will post them on my blog!

Click here to read a previous post of mine on how to get out of a workout rut.

Happy Pinning!

Your Healthnut ❤


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