Homemade Natural Eye Make-Up Remover

I thought I would share my favourite go-to skincare recipe for an eye make-up remover. Not only does this recipe take less than 5 minutes to make,  but it’s super cheap and works just as good as the store bought stuff. I’ve always hated spending money on drugstore brands for eye makeup remover because I found them to be very costly for what they are and they always irritated my eyes. I have sensitive eyes due to the fact that I wear contact lenses and I find this recipe never creates redness or irritation and I’ve used it for years.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Witch Hazel

What You’ll Need:

-Witch Hazel

-Extra Virgin Olive oil

-100ml container

-cotton pads


-Mix equal parts of the witch hazel and EVOO into your container and shake when ready to use!

It’s that easy:) The olive oil helps break down your makeup and moisturize with vitamins A,C,E and K(helps reduce dark circles). And the witch hazel helps remove excess dirt and oil while cleansing and tightening pores while acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Your HealthNut ❤

Please comment below with your thoughts and feedback:)

What’s your favourite eye makeup remover? Or do you have a different homemade recipe for a natural remover?


8 thoughts on “Homemade Natural Eye Make-Up Remover

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    • You should be able to find witch hazel in the organic section of your supermarket(heb, walmart, target, etc..). If all else fails, just order online!! Try really hard to avoid products with more than minimal added ingredients. You just want the witch hazel. Happy makeup removing! 🙂

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