Lush Haul!

Attention all “Lushies!”

I had recently hit up a Lush store to grab a few essential items to add to my ever growing luggage for Australia. I decided to go to Lush since I had been very impressed with their solid shampoo bars in the past for travelling and I wanted to grab a couple more solid bath/shower products. For anyone out there planning on travelling for a long time and needs to conserve space, Lush is for you! Not only do their products smell great and provide great benefits to your skin but they also are super travel friendly and take up little space in your luggage. 

Check out my video from my Lush Haul below:)

Check out Lush on their site for more goodies-

Here is a breakdown of the products I mentioned in my video in case you missed it or wanted a refresher!

1. Tea Tree Water Spray

2. Sympathy for the Skin

3. Flying Fox Shower Gel

4. Aqua Mirabilis Nut Butter Bar

5. Sakura Bath Bomb 

6. Toothy Tab DIrty

7. Porridge Soap

8. Seanik Shampoo Bar -Not shown in my video but is an old favourite of mine:)

9. Mint Julips Lip Scrub  – Also not mentioned in the video because the store forgot to put it in my bag so I had to go back the following day to pick it up. Have to say it was love at first sight once I tried this stuff.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Lush in anyway. These are just my personal opinions of their products and why I like them:)

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Your HealthNut ❤

~Tell me about your favourite Lush products in the comments~


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