Motivation Monday- SIgn-Up for a New Class!

Motivation Monday

Motivation is all about finding what triggers you to stay on track with your fitness and health goals. It can be something as little as starting your day with a healthy green smoothie, or adding some new songs onto your workout playlist on your iPod. Whatever it is that triggers you to sweat it out in the gym, run it out on the treadmill or avoid those guilty pastries at the coffee shop if it works for you that’s all that matters.

For me it changes all the time. But lately I’ve been really interested in signing up for a new class… particularly kick boxing! I’ve been back in Perth, Australia now for a couple weeks and I really want to get back into the swing of things and I think a new class will do just the trick. I will be signing up for kick boxing hopefully next week once I start work since it’s a bit pricey here compared to back home (Canada).

My boyfriend was the one who suggested I try it out since he too is signing up for it, although he’s done it before back in Toronto. My best friend has also at one point done kick boxing and I heard only good things so I’m excited to give it a go! I will be sure to update you all on my thoughts and experiences at my first few classes so that anyone who is interested might get a better idea on what they’re in for. Along with my regular running I think kick boxing will add some dynamic to my cardio sessions.

Who has tried kick boxing before? What were your thoughts and did you stick with it?

Let me know what motivates you to stay active!

Your HealthNut ❤


5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday- SIgn-Up for a New Class!

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  2. I love kickboxing! Such a fun way to get your energy out, feel powerful, and stay fit! Great post:-) keep it up!

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