Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s Motivation Monday is all about surrounding yourself with positive energy!

Surround yourself with positive things and people that will help you reach your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Try some of these tips to add positive energy into your life:)


Top 5 Ways to Stay Positive:

*Watch a positive and motivating YouTube video.

*Find a favourite uplifting quote and place it somewhere visible like your bathroom mirror or fridge so you see it every morning and night.

*Create a happy playlist on your iPod to listen to while your driving, running , cleaning the house or dancing silly in your room! (My personal favourite)

*Set a date with your best friends and have a night out on the town to catch up and have some good laughs.

*Start a new hobby like jewelry making, knitting, baking or even blogging!

Let me know your favourite ways to add positive energy into your life in the comments below!

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