What I Ate Wednesday #1- WIAW

Happy Wednesday HealthNut’s!

I’m attempting my first WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) which was created by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons, which is a really amazing blog and you should definitely check it out!

So without further ado here is what I ate today!

WIAW- What I Ate Wednesday!

I first start off my day with a BIG glass of water and half a squeezed lemon:) Great as a morning detox!

Since I no longer drink coffee well caffeinated coffee.. I like to switch things up and today I decided to make myself a matcha tea latte with almond milk. I sweeten it with a little agave nectar:)

Time for my favourite meal of the day!! Breakfast =)

Today I had 1 slice of dark rye bread toasted with some coconut oil (instead of butter), 2 eggs sunny side up with some salt and pepper and  half an avocado. I used the other half for lunch.

I usually get hungry mid morning so I decided to cut up some fresh watermelon because it’s my favs! Plus, it’s getting hot here in Perth, Australia so watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated.

Now for lunch I opted for a light tapa style plate. Here I have some rice crackers (two flavours, plain and lime and pepper!) ,cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and hummus!

I like to have hot beverages throughout the day so I had some decaf green tea. I really like this brand it’s free trade and organic. Great with some raw honey:)

And of course I had to treat myself mid afternoon with one of my favourite nut bars! This is the peanut butter dark chocolate KIND bar.. if you haven’t tried one you must their amazing!

My dinner was very simple today. I had some quinoa cooked with a little bit of a organic chicken stock cube (about 1/2 cube per cup of quinoa). With it I just lightly cooked some zucchini, broccoli and bok choy, in some evoo and garlic. If you want you can add a bit of soya sauce to the veggies.

As always I have a crazy sweet tooth and today I satisfied it with some Greek yogurt, honey and 1 kiwi chopped up.. sooo yummy!

So there you have it, this is my “What I Ate Wednesday” blogpost and if you liked it and would like me to do more of these please comment below!

Ps. Keep in mind I also drink about 1-2 liters of water throughout the day. I don’t drink pop or juices(unless fresh or real juice and not sugar water!)

Your HealthNut ❤

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