Motivation Monday!

Hello HealthNut’s!

It’s Motivation Monday again where I share ways to stay motivated and what I’m currently doing to keep myself motivated on a weekly basis:)

Last week flew by for me but I have to say I had a fantastic weekend trying out a new Muay Thai studio and soaking up some sun at Scarborough beach in Perth:)  I posted a couple weeks back about trying out a new workout class and how I was trying out kick boxing for the first time. You can  check it out here:) After only completing a couple of classes I have to say I love it and I’m hooked!

It’s such a different type of workout then I’ve ever done before, plus you get to learn some cool skills. I don’t think I’m looking to become a professional kick boxer any time soon but I sure would like to be in shape like one! I’m going to warn you now that if you do want to try out a kick boxing class that you will be quite sore the next couple of days. I’m especially tender in my calves, thighs, forearms and triceps as well as the back of my neck and upper back… So pretty much everything! haha

If you live in Toronto (where I’m from) a really good place to try out is “The Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai Academy” you can check out their website here! Both my boyfriend and best friend have attended this gym and loved it! If you don’t live in Toronto just try Googling some studios near you and check out reviews or go in for a trail class- their usually discounted or even free!

I will continue to attend at least 2-3 classes of Muay Thai a week and incorporate running, yoga and my own body weight workouts on the off days.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Motivation Monday! Let me know what new class or exercises you’ve been loving lately!

Your HealthNut ❤

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