Happy MotivationMonday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and are hopefully starting to get their holiday decorations up:)

For this week’s MotivationMonday I wanted to share with you a new workout routine I tried on the weekend and has kicked my butt since I’m definitely feeling it in my muscles right now (2 days later!). My boyfriend and I were thinking about doing our usual run but then we thought wait a minute.. what can we do that will take less time, burn calories and allow more time for the beach! haha I’m not going to lie, working out on the weekends isn’t always my favourite time since I want to get on with my day and enjoy my weekend with friends and family.

Here is what my workout routine consisted of:

  • 5 min stretching (let me know if you’d like me to post my stretching routine!) – hold each stretch for 20-30 secs each.
  • 5 min warm up! I l alternated between high knees and jumping jacks and for the last minute jogged around the park. This helps warm up your muscles so you don’t pull or stretch something in the wrong way.
  • Mark out your “sprint length”. I was in a park so I just marked my track between two tall trees:) I think it was about 50 meters then after 3 rounds I moved it up to about 70 meters. I started out small since it’s been a while since I’ve done sprinting.
  • Ready, get set, SPRINT! Run as fast as you can at 100% capacity to your marked end point. I did this about 10 times and on my way back to start i would alternate between running backwards and walking lunges.
  • The most important thing to remember when doing lunges is to take rests in between about 3-5 minutes.. I know that seems crazy long of a rest period bu the point is to do each sprint at full strength not 60% or less.

* The reason I really enjoyed sprinting instead of running was because it was more dynamic and interesting. It’s a lot of fun trying to run as fast as you can but only for a short period. You don’t even feel like your going to be that sore..(or at least I didn’t) then BAM! before you know it you can’t walk the next day and you realize how amazing of a workout sprinting is.

Be sure to replenish your body with lots of good old H20 once you have completed your workout! I also like to add a scoop of my Greens Plus by Genuine Health to my water:)

Your Healthnut<3

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7 thoughts on “MotivationMonday!

  1. Great article Nikky…I am tying my laces as we speak!!! NOT!!! I’ll stick to my walking…lol…Love your articles though and thanks for looking at my blog…and thanks for the ‘like’…as you know it’s just a place where I can basically think out loud!!! Sometimes can be a tad boring but not for me…lol…I attached my blog to twitter but could not do facebook…I have to manually do that when I write a new post…Anyway, it’s much better now and thanks so much for helping me…Much appreciated…xoxoxo…Gonna see Pam on weekend for baby shower…

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