What I Ate Wednesday #2- WIAW

Happy What I Ate Wednesday Everyone!

If you would like to check out my last WIAW click here.

This tag was created by Jenn over at Peas and Crayons and it’s definitely a favourite of mine and one that I will try and keep up with each week. So here you have it! What I Ate Wednesday broken down for you:)

First thing I do when I get out of bed is go straight to the fridge and grab half a lemon and some cold filtered water and make myself a fresh lemon squeezed glass of water. This helps cleanse and detox your body (especially your liver!) and helps prepare your digestive system for the day. Think of it as cleaning your dishes before you eat on them again.

After my morning detox I like to enjoy my breakfast with a cup of organic earl tea with honey and  organic almond milk.

I have recently removed wheat from my diet so I’ve been sticking to other grains like SPELT! This bread is 100% Spelt and wheat free. Make sure it says wheat free or it could still contain a bit. Today I added some fresh avocado and black pepper on top of two slices of spelt bread.

During mid-morning I was feeling like a pick me up and so I decided to blend up a smoothie. I made My “Not so “green” green smoothie” which you can find the recipe for here.

For lunch I made a really simple quinoa and broccoli stir fry with some extra virgin olive oil, soy sauce and cayenne pepper. Simple but delish!

I ALWAYS need to have a mid-afternoon snack since I’m hungry 24/7 haha Today I enjoyed some natural almond butter with a cut up Pink Lady apple.. so yummy:)

For dinner I decided to cook up some lean chicken breast since I rarely eat meat I do try to add some extra protein a couple nights a week! Today I decided to kick it up a notch with some  tapenade  (olive spread) it’s amazing!! If you love olives you will love this stuff:) I literally just spread it on the chicken and cooked on the stove top.  For sides I added some asparagus that I also lightly fried with some olive oil and garlic and then made a carb-less mashed potatoes which I will put up the recipe for next week!

I have a huge sweat tooth which I try to control most of the time but tonight was not one of those nights haha so I treated myself to some roasted almond dark chocolate by Lindt.

Your HealthNut ❤

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