What I Ate Wednesday #3- WIAW

This week has been busy getting ready for Indo and Thailand which I am super excited about since I’ve never been to Asia before:) If you have any tips or suggestions let me know in the comments below!

Here is what I ate on Wednesday!

As always I start my morning off with a glass of filtered cold water with half a squeezed lemon juice. I will do a blog post on why I think everyone could benefit from this daily detox/cleanse:) Which I will be writing a post on soon!


For Breaky I had a decaf green tea and a nice big bowl of fresh fruit, wheat free granola and Greek yogurt. I love having this anytime of the day but mainly for breakfast.





For lunch I kept it very light with my 6 Pack Abs- Tuna Salad Crunch and topped it onto some brown rice cakes:)



Then for my afternoon snack I decided to have some of these amazing lime and pepper rice crackers! I love this new flavour… not sure if you can get something similar back home (Canada) but it’s soo good with guacamole or in this case hummus:)


My boyfriend and I decided to hit up a kickboxing class today after he was done work and we always pass this amazing Vietnamese restaurant so I couldn’t resist and grabbed take out. I ordered the vegetarian vermicelli with veggies and I’m not going to lie I did get some spring rolls on the side… they were delish!


After dinner we had a mini movie night and I enjoyed some of this newly found amazing-ness sweet and salty popcorn! It’s organic so it must be healthy.. right.. haha! I love having popcorn as a late snack because it’s a lot healthier than chips and gives you something to crunch on during a movie or blogging.


What did you have for WIAW? Let me know in the comments below!

Your HealthNut ❤

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4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday #3- WIAW

  1. Your trip will be awesome! I can’t wait to see your pics and read about it. My husband and I backpacked in Thailand eight years ago, so I can’t offer many relevant tips anymore!
    I’ve been starting my days off with hot water and fresh lemon. I’m loving it!

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