How to Naturally Reduce Stress- Anti- Anxiety

Unfortunately, stress is just as common as air these days whether its work, money, or relationships. Which is why it’s extremely important to learn how to cope with stress before it comes your way. I have put together some of my favourite natural stress remedies that you can apply to your everyday life that will help keep you calm and relaxed even through the most stressful of times,

Top 5 Natural Stress Busters

A high B-Complex Vitamin– When you’re stressed out your body uses a lot of your B vitamins stores and if you don’t have a sufficient amount your nervous system will have a harder time coping with stress. AB-complex vitamin daily can help reduce depression, headaches, mood swings, stress and anxiety! they are my number one go to for reducing stress on a daily basis and I really do notice a difference when I take a good quality high B- Complex vitamin everyday.

Natural Calm Magnesium supplement– Magnesium is a strong anti stress mineral which will help bring your mind and body to a relaxation state to help your body repair and regenerate after a day. I absolutely love this supplement at night dissolved into a mug of hot water. Their organic and come in some delicious flavours. I personally like the raspberry lemon flavour but their all tasty and enjoyable. You can purchase a bottle of your own Natural Calm here!



Rescue Remedy– This company has a whole range of different products from oils to sprays that can be used when stress hits! It’s all natural and contains flower essences to reduce stress and keep you relaxed. I use the spray for when I’m flying or even for just those average stressful days.

Chamomile tea– There are so many delicious blends and brands you can find but my favourite is the Yogi Comforting Chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is very calming and brings the mind into a “zen” like state. I like to end my day with a large cup of chamomile with some honey and lemon. It’s so relaxing and really melts the stress away.

Meditation! Brain Wave App This is by far my favourite way to melt the stress away. If you haven’t heard or tried this app before its amazing!! It’s called “Brain Wave” and it’s an app which using brain waves and soothing music/sounds to help reprogram your brain waves and get rid of stress. I use it every night with my iPhone and ear buds. You can set it to what ever your looking to improve on whether it’s deep relaxation, reduce anxiety, power nap,etc. You can even use it in the morning half hour before you wake up just to prepare for the day to come and it has an alarm you can set so you don’t fall back asleep! I bought mine for about 4 or 5 dollars and it’s now on sale for 1.99 and worth every penny. Try it out and let me know if you feel a difference in your stress levels when you wake up:)

brain wave

What to avoid for stress and anxiety:

Refined sugars- There are healthy sugars and unhealthy ones (refined and processed). White sugars found in processed foods should be avoided at all costs when it comes to improving your health and decreasing stress. White sugar aggravates your stress hormones and uses up your stores of vitamins and minerals while providing little to none in return.  Avoid dry foods such as cereals, candy, sodas, white bread, etc.

stimulants- yes that means coffee! When your dealing with stress you want to avoid stimulants which will only aggravate your stress hormones and although you may get a rise from the caffeine it will leave you in a slump and feeling worse than you did before. Also, too much caffeine can seriously dehydrate you as it is a diuretic so drink plenty of water if you do have a cup. If you still want to enjoy the taste without the caffeine there are some great alternatives. Click here for my Caffeine Free post and check out my video below on how I make my decaf coffee using a french press.

Hope this helps you get rid of some unwanted stress during the holidays! Leave me a comment below on what you do to de-stress 🙂

Your HealthNut ❤

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